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Are Hurricane Clips Necessary In Hawaii Homes?

Are hurricane clips necessary in Hawaii homes? Absolutely! It is essential for homeowners to have hurricane clips installed in their homes for added protection!

What Are Hurricane Clips?

Hurricane clips are metal fasteners that attach roof trusses to the walls of a home, providing additional reinforcement against strong wind gusts during a storm. They help keep roofs from blowing off or collapsing due to heavy winds, which can cause major structural damage and even death if not properly secured. In addition to protecting your home from wind damage, hurricane clips also reduce the chances of water entering through gaps between roof trusses and walls during heavy rains associated with hurricanes. This helps protect both your property and your family from potential flooding or water damage caused by high winds and rain.


The Hawaiian Islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, making them a popular vacation destination for many. Many people don’t realize, however, that these islands are subject to tropical storms and hurricanes that can cause severe damage to homes and businesses. The state of Hawaii has enacted building codes that require all new and existing structures to be equipped with hurricane clips as a way to strengthen roof-to-wall connections.

The Importance of Hurricane Clips

Hurricane clips are metal fasteners used at each rafter or truss where it meets an exterior wall, creating a stronger connection than traditional methods such as toe nailing or wood blocking. This helps prevent uplift forces from tearing off the roof during high winds or other storm events. Hurricane clips also increase overall structural strength by transferring load from one side of the wall to another when wind pressures push against one side more than another.

Maximize Wind Protection

Installing hurricane clips is not something most homeowners can do on their own; it requires specialized tools and skills. It’s best left up to experienced professionals who know how to properly install these fasteners for maximum protection against wind uplift forces. To ensure your home is adequately protected from strong winds, you should always hire an experienced contractor who understands local building codes and regulations.

Protect Your Home And Your Wallet

In addition to protecting homes from strong winds, using hurricane clips also helps protect homeowners financially in case of property damage due to storms or hurricanes. Insurance companies often offer discounts for homes equipped with hurricane clips since they help reduce potential losses due to weather-related events like storms or hurricanes. When choosing a contractor for installation of hurricane clips on your home in Hawaii, make sure they have experience working with local building codes and regulations so you can be sure your home is properly protected against strong winds associated with storms and hurricanes in this area.


Peace Of Mind During Storm Season

Hawaii's strict building code requirements ensure that all new construction projects include installation of adequate protective measures such as hurricane clips so residents can rest assured their homes will remain safe during even the strongest storm events. Homeowners should always check with their insurance company about available discounts related to installation of these fasteners as well as hire an experienced professional for installation services if needed so they can enjoy peace of mind knowing their property is adequately protected against tropical storms and hurricanes common in this region.


Installing hurricane clips on your home is essential according to state laws due its ability protect roofs from being torn off during high winds associated with storms or hurricanes common in this area. It also offers financial benefits through homeowner’s insurance discounts while providing peace-of-mind knowing your property is adequately protected if disaster strikes. Learn more about the importance of hurricane preparedness!