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Why get roof integrated solar panels?

It is no secret that Hawaii enjoys large amounts of sunshine all year long. It makes perfect sense to install solar energy from this clean, renewable resource. Traditional sources of power such as gas and oil are becoming less popular and more expensive.  Mean while, photovoltaic (PV) has become increasing popular and a valuable resource that will always be there! 


As energy costs continue to climb, more homeowners are looking to go “off the grid.” Becoming more self-sufficient can help you dramatically lower your energy costs and keep more of your money in your pocket. One option is to install roof-integrated solar panels to power your home using the sun’s energy. Here’s why it’s worth considering. 


What is a Roof-Integrated Solar System? 

Roof integrated solar panels offers a more aesthetically appealing solar panel as compared to your traditional rack mounted solar system. GAF roof integrated solar is a low profile solar system that blends a bit better and fits seamlessly to your roof. Now you don't have to worry about foreign objects or debris going underneath your solar system. The sleek look leaves no space underneath for rodents and other pest to live comfortably. The concealed wires increase product durability and safety.


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5 Benefits of Roof-Integrated Solar Panels 

The best thing to do is to invest in something that will pay for its self. There are many new perks that come with this new solar system. This system is designed to be installed directly into the deck. Usually your typical solar system is installed in through the roof and into the beams of your house. With improper installation, your roof is more at risk of leaks and other foreign substances. 


GAF Deco Tech roof-integrated solar panels are changing the game when it comes to energy efficiency. If you’ve been considering going solar, these five benefits of roof-integrated solar panels provide plenty of motivation:


 1. Lower Energy Costs

When you produce more of your own energy, the less you have to purchase from your local utility company. One of the main reasons why people invest in solar panels is to substantially reduce their monthly energy costs. Solar panels allow you to tap into the sun's seemingly infinite energy stores. You might not become completely energy independent, but savings could be as much as 90% or more. 


 2. Increased Curb Appeal

Compared to high-profile panels installed on racks, roof-integrated solar panels look more attractive. Many homeowners worry about curb appeal when choosing to install panels. A lower profile makes your roof look less cumbersome because they blend into the home’s roof. You might not even notice the panels at first!


 3. Protection Against Moisture

Your roof is your lifeline against moisture and the elements. Extending the life of your roof is key to protecting the rest of your home. Integrated solar panels provide better protection compared to rack panels because they don’t promote pooling or slow evaporation. The panels are installed on the roof and surrounded by flashing to reduce the chances of water penetration.


 4. Improved Pest Protection

With rack-installed panels, there’s enough space between the panel and the roof to allow pests to hide. Birds may create nests, while other pests may find ways to burrow. Integrated panels eliminate this possibility, leaving no room for pest activity.


 5. Increased Home Value

With more homeowners interested in energy efficient solutions, solar panels may add value to your home. The energy savings each year are substantial, and home buyers may be keen on purchasing a home that can help them lower their living costs. Plus, since the integrated roof panels offer a lower profile and are more attractive, they’re an even better investment than traditional panels!



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How well does Roof Integrated Solar stand up to the environments

Deco-tech roof integrated solar panels are designed to withstand winds from up to 130mph. Not only does it look good on your roof, Deco-tech offers superior water-shedding qualities to help protect your roof from damages in the future. 


As your solar panels fits seamlessly into your roof, this will lower the chance of winds lifting and blowing off your roof. There is no better way to have your roof integrated solar panel installed by the people that know roofs best!  


Specifications Solaria PowerXT 360R-PD
Power rating 360 W


Power tolerance -0% / +3% 
Temperature coefficient  -0.39% / °C

 When you install Deco-tech solar system through GAF, you are installing a top of the line solar system. Most PV solar system give out a 17% efficiency rating where Deco-tech gives out 19.9%!


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Warranty covered for Roof Integrated Solar AND Roof Replacement

When you're working with GAF to get solar, this means your new roof and its integrated solar have the option to be covered under the same industry-leading warranty!


Your materials are warranted against manufacturing defects for 25 years where most manufacturers only offer up to 10-12 years. Also, blow offs or wind damage is warranted for 10 years. 


Next Steps

Are roof-integrated solar panels right for your home? We invite you to reach out to schedule a consultation with one of our solar experts. And in the meantime, head back to our blog for more homeowner tips and insights! If you're interested in see what rebates are available here in Hawaii, Click here!