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Why Valleys Are A Critical Section of a Roof

Not many people give much thought to their roofs. Unless it’s particularly ugly, they are all but invisible.
It’s not until we notice issues our roof becomes the focal point of our attention. Imagine a home without a roof… a car without a roof… A fully functional roof really is a VITAL part of our quality of life.
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That means being serious about taking care of your roof matters… When a roof is properly constructed and maintained, it can continue to remain the “invisible” hero showing up for your family day after day.
But ignore it… and it can ruin everything you own.
Roof valleys are one of those critical areas on the roof that, when well maintained, extend the life of a roof. Let’s dive in.

What is The Valley Area of a Roof & Why is it a Critical Area?

The valley areas of a roof are where the straight lines form when two different planes of the roof meet. These are what we call in the roofing business high-traffic areas. There is a tremendous amount of water runoff and the most common area of leaks.

Common Problems With Roof Valleys

Roof valleys built with improper materials can drastically shorten the life of your entire roof. However, clutter buildup can do just as much damage. Allowing things like sticks and foliage to build up and “dam” water flow can lead to standing water saturating and damaging the material of your roof.

What Can Oahu Homeowners do to Protect Them?

Since the weather can be harsh to our roofs here in Oahu, this regular roof maintenance, sadly, is just a reality of life. Understanding your roof type's needs and regularly maintaining it will save your roof from being replaced more than necessary. For all roofs, regular clearing out of debris is important and absolutely critical during high humidity and after sudden torrential downpours common during the fall and winter.
However, different types of roofs and roof sections will need different care.
It is highly recommended that homeowners put an 'ice and water shield' on any closed roof valley (valleys “closed” by roofing material, such as shingles installed over the valley) sections of their roofs. This is a peel-and-stick waterproof asphalt layer that keeps water from seeping through, protecting the shingles beneath it.
Open and closed valley 2
For open roof valleys (an open part of the roof with no roofing material installed over the valley part), we highly recommend installing pre-finished metal on it. Copper is a popular option because it has a beautiful curb appeal.
[We recommend inserting an image of a before and after pre-finished picture of an open roof valley here]

Next Steps

Not sure how to get started with your roof maintenance? Kapili Solar Roofing & Painting is a 2nd generation general construction company that prides itself on its honest, hardworking attitude. We offer the very best consultation and construction for the very best price.
Call us, and we will give you a free, no-obligation roofing maintenance recommendation for your roof.

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