Gifts the New Homeowner on Your List Will Appreciate

We all struggle with gift-giving. There are so many choices and not enough time in the day to decide what’s right for everyone on our lists. However, new homeowners are easy to please. And with some 5 million + homes sold in the US each month, your list is likely to include at least one former house hunter. Forget the fine china, here are a few of the most appreciated gifts to give this season:

Gift cards to hardware stores.
Unless they’ve purchased new construction, your mortgage-holding friend or relative will be spending a lot of time making (hopefully) minor repairs and personalizing their new home. Between paint and cleaning supplies, trips to the hardware store add up quick. A $50 gift card will go a long way toward getting them settled in.

Lawn care services.
We’ve already established that there are a ton of chores that will have to be handled from day one. Make this load a little lighter by removing lawn care from the to-do list. On average, homeowners spend more than an hour mowing a .75 acre lawn with a 42” mower. And that doesn’t include weed eating. It costs approximately $148 to mow and maintain a lawn, according to HomeAdvisor, but that will buy an afternoon off and allow for time to do other necessary home maintenance tasks.

Pressure cooker.
Sticking with the theme of buying time, a pressure cooker, which Consumer Reports claims lives up to the hype, is a great gift choice. CR product testers slashed a significant portion of time off each food they tested in the Instant Pot and Pinterest virtually screams recipes for the slower-cooker hybrid.

Home organization.
New home, new places for stuff to accumulate. Help your gift recipient make their new house a home by hiring someone to teach them how to best utilize their space. This is especially helpful for empty nesters who may not have done such a great job downsizing a larger home when transitioning to more lifestyle-appropriate accommodations. A professional home organizer will charge by the hour or job so get a quote beforehand.

Everyone loves a backyard barbeque and your friends will be eager to host a housewarming. A new grill is a thoughtful gift that will serve the dual purpose of snagging you a regular invite for dinner. The BBQ Guys recommends these models while the more budget minded may want to stick with a traditional charcoal smoker grill.

Personal assistant.
While you likely can’t afford a real live person, you can give the gift of hands-free assistance each and every day. Google Home is a smart home hub with some surprising capabilities. It can even help the receiver remember where he left his keys, find a flight for a much needed vacation, and retrieve local and international weather with a simple command. USA Today reports that Google Home can even control a robot vacuum.

Reminder of “home.”
When you’re forced to utilize the postal service because your best friend, neighbor, or relative has bought a home across state lines, there’s no better gift than a simple reminder of home. A state key holder or gift basket of local flavors will be a reminder of their roots.

No matter your budget, there are creative ways to eliminate the wish list worries of new homeowners, no matter how far away they may be. Perhaps the best gifts, however, are those that free up time to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the new view. And money. Cold, hard cash is always a welcomed sight.