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Show Us a Competitor's Written Quote, and We'll Match it or Beat it.

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What is the Peace of Mind Price Match Program? 

Kapili Roofing & Painting was founded on the belief that building trust and relationships with our clients & community starts with only offering the highest quality products and services. We shy away from using substandard products, and cutting corners, but we are eager for the chance to earn your business by matching a price.

As long as we are talking Apples to Apples on a price, we'll match or beat it. This starts with the shingle used, but does not stop there. A roofing system is more than just the shingle that finishes it off, and we will not sacrifice quality just to save money or secure a job.. Anywhere! By holding ourselves to this standard, we ensure that the roof over your head lasts, and your hard earned dollar goes as far as possible. We truly strive for unbeatable quality, service & value.



"Building Peace of Mind, One Roof at a Time"

We aim to build peace of mind, with every project that we do. At the end of the day, the roof over your head is what protects your home and your family. We won't sell you a sub-standard product that may need replacement prematurely, and want to make sure that if you are purchasing a new roof that you get the best value possible. To ensure this, if your project qualifies, we will provide you with an extended warranty free of charge.


Why Explore the Peace of Mind Price Match? 

The Peace of Mind Price Match Program is not a tool to sacrifice quality in the pursuit of company gain. What we intend for this program is a way to offer you the highest quality service & workmanship at an unbeatable value. Truly building peace of mind.

Kapili Roofing & Painting will not cut corners or sacrifice quality in these areas:

Flashings - Proper flashings are key to effectively shedding water off of your roof. While commonly overlooked, we always ensure that your roof is properly flashed.

Ridge Cap - Proper ventilation is key to maintaining the longevity of your roofing system. Ignoring this fact is a common, but vital mistake.

Underlayment - Underlayment is a common place for contractors to cut corners. By using a high quality underlayment like CertainTeed Roofers Select, you get the most out of the entire roofing system.

Warranties - There are many ways to void a manufacturers warranty. As a CertainTeed 5 Start Installer, Kapili Roofing & Painting is part of an elite handful of contractors that can offer the CertainTeed SureStart 5 Star Warranty. By taking advantage of this warranty, you have the peace of mind that your roof workmanship and material will be covered for the next 25 and 50 years respectively. 


At the end of the day...

While price is a factor, and an important one at that, it isn't the only factor that should be used to determine who you work with.

If we can match a price while still providing you a high quality roof installation, we would love for the opportunity to do so.

At the end of the day, we genuinely care about these three things: Providing unbeatable value, delivering the highest quality product/workmanship, and you.

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