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Why Solar is More Important Than Ever!

In today's economic environment, our fixed costs are becoming less "fixed". The once predictable, budget that we were all used to following has become of a thing of the past.


It seems like each month costs go up!

Food, home prices, gas... everything seems to keep going up in cost, leaving less at the end of the month. 


For electricity here in Hawaii, this also seems to be the case.


The difference?


You have a choice! 


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Over the past year, we've seen a steep escalation in the cost of power from Hawaiian Electric (HECO).


Since January 2021, some have estimated the average rates have gone up about 61% to date. At the current inflation rate, by the end of 2022 we could see power at a nearly 100% increase from the start of 2021.


This can result in thousands of dollars in added expense over the course of a single year! What could you do with even just an extra thousand dollars per year? 


What would you do if your mortgage doubled next year? 
In today's economic environment... some of our monthly "fixed expenses" are no longer "fixed". 
Solar creates a more predictable fixed cost for your household budget as opposed to guessing what next months rates might be! 
We can't control food and gas prices, but the things that we can control, we should for the sake of our family and futures!  

What can you do?

Consider solar panels and energy efficient upgrades! 
The recent Inflation Reduction Act, just made solar more affordable! A solar system can off-set some, or most of your utility costs depending on what size of a system you decide to get! 
Federal ITC Tax Credits were set to sunset starting at the end of 2022, going from 26% to 22%. 
Instead, the new rate is 30%! 
This means that you can recover nearly 4% more of your qualified solar costs back as a dollar for dollar tax credit! 
When you pair this with the state incentives, owning your personal power plant becomes a lot more affordable. 
The best part, is we can help you with financing on a 25 year solar specific loan, and no pre-payment penalty!
In most cases your payment on your solar system comes out to just about or less than your actual utility bill. 
They also give you the option of applying your tax incentives when you receive them to lower your monthly payment even more! 
Of course, we aren't tax professionals so we recommend that you speak with your trusted advisor, but with solar becoming more affordable and energy costs only going up.... We think solar makes sense! 


If you're a homeowner, now is the time to start saving for your future by investing in solar.

With solar, you take control of your power bill and protect yourself from rising energy costs.


Plus, going solar is a great way to support Hawaii's renewable energy goals and do your part to help the environment.


If you're ready to go solar, let us help you with a free consultation. We will assess your roof, and work with our partners SolarTech Industries to provide you a one stop shop roof top or roof-integrated solar solution! Want to learn more about what solar options you have? check out our related blogs! "Why Get Roof-Integrated Solar!"