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4 Misconceptions of Roof Integrated Solar Panels

Centuries ago, human flight was thought to be impossible. So was the idea of the world’s information being compiled in a device the size of your pocket. Any time a new technology or advancement emerges, it’s often met with skepticism. That’s often the case with roof-integrated solar panels.





Myth #1: Solar panels only work when the sun is shining.

This myth has been circulating since the beginning stages of solar technology. It’s easy to think that solar panels need the sun to generate energy. But when the sun disappears, your power doesn’t disappear along with it.






Your solar energy panels store the sun’s energy for future use. This way, if clouds cover the sun or day turns into night, you can still power your home with energy to spare. And even on a cloudy day, your solar panels can still receive enough sunlight to keep generating and storing energy. 


Myth #2: Integrated solar panels make your roof leak.

When you install regular solar panels, your installer will attach roof mounts directly to your roof, which will hold your panels in place. The process is a little different for integrated roof panels. Instead of mounting them on racks, they sit inside your roof, almost like a roof insert. This is what creates a smaller panel profile that doesn’t stick out. They blend with your home’s roof just like it was made that way.


This has been a source of unnecessary concern for some homeowners. Since there needs to be some roof work done to the home to insert the panels, homeowners fear this will cause their roof to leak.


The reality is that a professional installer knows how to do the job right the first time. Roof leaks are rare with any type of solar panel. When they do occur, it’s usually the installer’s fault. From measuring the cutout to making the right cuts to sealing the panel edges, expertise goes a long way in making every installation a success.


Myth #3: Integrated solar panels are expensive. 

Solar panels seem pricey because you have to pay for them upfront. It’s like adding a whole new system to your home, just like an HVAC unit. But given that Hawaii homeowners pay more than double the national average for electricity, the real cost of solar panels is much lower than you think. 




You’ll start to earn back your money each month, a couple hundred dollars at a time. Solar panels will dramatically reduce your dependence on local utilities, giving you ongoing savings for the life of your system.


Myth #4: Solar panels don’t always work effectively.

Many factors affect the effectiveness of solar panels, especially quality. At Kapili Solar Roofing, we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to product quality. We’ve chosen our systems because they’re designed to last for the long haul under any weather conditions.




Getting Roof Integrated Solar Panels for Your Home

Integrated roof solar panels take a different approach than traditional panels — and that’s a good thing! To find out more, you can check out one of our related blogs here! You can also reach out to our professional team for a consultation!