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Kapili Solar Roofing Is the 2022 Readers' Choice Awards Winner!

Kapili Roofing has been named the 2022 Reader’s Choice Award Winner for Roofing by Hawaii Home & Remodeling Magazine. This honor underscores the mission and commitment we’ve always maintained, which is to support Hawaii homeowners with quality, dependable roofing options that create a higher quality of life. 





Through our solar roofing solutions, we’re helping more homeowners keep more of their hard-earned money, add value to their homes, and benefit the planet we share. We take this award seriously and look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our community.


About Kapili Solar & painting Roofing

Kapili Roofing is a family-owned and operated company based on Oahu, and serving families in all surrounding communities. We are Hawaii’s first GAF Master Elite Roofers, with a fully licensed and bonded team to take care of our customers. 


We specialize in roof replacements, roof repairs, maintenance, routine roof inspections, and solar panel installations. Our customers are homeowners and commercial property owners that require one-time fixes or prefer ongoing maintenance to ensure the integrity of their roofs. 


We’re well-acquainted with Hawaii’s unique climate and the challenges it creates for roofing materials. We bring over 30 years of roofing and painting expertise to our customers to ensure a thorough, quality job done right the first time. 


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How We’re Helping Hawaii Homeowners Go Solar

At Kapili Roofing, our motto is: “Building peace of mind, one roof at a time.” We founded our company on the idea that the integrity of your home is the root of your livelihood. Homeowners need a roof they can count on (and a roofing company they can trust). The roof protects the home from the elements, maintains the structure of the rest of the home, and keeps you and your family safe. 


And now, with our integrated solar panels, we’re helping homeowners in more ways than ever. Integrated panels allow homeowners to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy without compromising on looks or quality. The panels integrate directly into the roof, offering a lower profile compared to rack-mounted panels. They’re more attractive and help you save as much as 90% in energy costs. 


Part of what allowed us to earn the Reader’s Choice Award is our commitment to quality and excellence. We partner with GAF Deco-Tech, the leading name in integrated solar roofing panels, to provide our customers with a seamless, exceptional experience. These panels have been dutifully engineered, tested, and refined to provide homeowners with operational excellence and longevity, allowing you to get more from your investment. With a long tenure in our industry and having served many of our neighbors with responsive roofing services, we’ve cemented our reputation as a leader in our field. We look forward to seeing what we can do for you!



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Growing the Solar Community, One Home at a Time

We’ve grown our reputation over the course of 15+ years in business, but rest assured we’re not stopping there. We know that reputations continue to be earned, which is why we’re committed to innovation as new technologies and options become available. Given the rising costs of energy and the general cost of living, we’re exploring alternative solutions for our customers to help them save money without sacrificing their livelihoods. 


That’s why we ventured into solar roofing in the first place. With our partnership with GAF Deco Tech, we’re able to support local homeowners with the latest innovations in roofing and energy technology. It’s through innovations like these that will help to keep Hawaii beautiful and prosperous for generations to come. Together, we can promote a higher quality of life for all while protecting our beautiful planet. 


To learn more about integrated solar roofing systems, or to schedule a free estimate, we invite you to connect with Kapili Roofing today!