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Building A Better Hawaii

We are locally owned and operated, and it is our mission to "Build a better Hawaii". We believe in doing this through job creation, quality construction services, and stewardship to our community.


Each year for the past 6 years now we've tried to find a way to give back to our local community. The past five years we have given away free roofing, and solar systems to our community.


This year marks our 15th year in business, and we wanted to do something different! 





After an AED saved the life of one of our loved ones it opened our eyes to the fact that many places here on the island are not equipped with functioning AEDs. Many years ago, we lost a loved one in a similar situation, and have seen both sides of a situation like this pan out. 


Heres who we've donated to so far! 
Iliahi Elementary School 


Hawaii Food Bank


NA Wahine Softball Team 


Lamb of God Church and Bible School


Christ Lutheran Church


We thought, sure... everyone needs a roof over their head, but more importantly... when it comes to something like this, if we can help one person then this would all be worth it. This year we are giving away 15 AEDs to organizations here on the islands, in celebration of our 15th year in business.




What is an AED?

An AED stands for an automated external deibrllator. It's a medical devise designed to deliver electric shocks to someone experiencing ventricular fibrillation. It basically helps revive someone that is experience sudden cardiac arrest!




We are partnering with is AED Institute of America, Inc. They supply these AEDs to organizations Island Wide, and they will be assisting in helping train people on properly using the equipment, and ensuring that it is maintained for long term functionality. 




We believe in being prepared and proactive, and hope that this helps raise awareness of the importance of emergency medical care in our community. We hope that none of these ever have to be used... but we want these to be here should they ever be needed! 


In the coming weeks we will be sharing some stories about the 15 different organizations that we've identified and are supplying new AEDs!


We think this is a fitting way to celebrate not only the continuity of our business and team, but the events that were experienced in recent past. 


Heres who we've donated to so far! 
Iliahi Elementary School 
Hawaii Food Bank