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Brava Tile Hawaii

Composite Spanish Tile



For those seeking alternatives to Spanish roof tiles, Brava Barrel tile is an excellent choice to explore. These composite tiles offer an ideal substitute for traditional barrel clay tiles. Traditional barrel tiles are known for their significant weight, often necessitating extra structural reinforcement.

Brava's lightweight synthetic roofing material negates the need for such costly support, simplifying installation, and significantly reducing maintenance requirements. This synthetic barrel roof not only promises an impressive appearance but also durability that lasts a lifetime. Brava Barrel tile stands as a groundbreaking product in the composite roofing sector, unmatched in its field.

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Composite Tile Roofing

Explore Brava Barrel tile as a lightweight, durable alternative to traditional Spanish roof tiles, simplifying installation and reducing maintenance. 

This innovative synthetic roofing material offers a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing solution - unmatched in the composite roofing space.