Wahiawa Skatepark

Wahiawa Skatepark is a small prefab skatepark, that served the Wahiawa youth for over 10 years giving many kids growing up a safe place to skate and spend time with their friends. After the equipment was suddenly removed several years ago, the space was left unused, and skateboarders in the area were left with no safe place to skate.

Mike & Brennan Leong, both being involved in skateboarding in their youth and Brennan being a regular user of Wahiawa Skatepark thoughout his childhood, understood the importance of encouraging kids to stay active and giving them a release to stay out of trouble.

Mike & Brennan actively solicited community member’s support, and brought it to the attention of Wahiawa District City Councilman Ernie Martin’s office. Along the way they were put in contact with an awesome community organization called the Wahiawa CBDO who helped secure the funding necessary to rebuild the project. Over the course of several months of community teamwork, a plan was approved and the materials were ordered.

In October of 2016, Kapili Roofing & Painting employees, their families, & Wahiawa community members donated their time to put all of this together. The following week a grand opening was held, and Kapili had the honor of being recognized in this event.

As a company, we are deeply humbled and take pride in the fact that we had the opportunity to positively impact our community. We would like to thank the many great friends that we have made along the way. Heidi Tsuneyoshi of Councilman Ernie Martin’s Office, Jeff Alameida Programs Manager at the Wahiawa CBDO, the awesome team at IPR-Hawaii, and everyone else that we had the pleasure to meet & work with along the way.

We are always looking forward to the next community project, and would love to hear from you on how we can be involved. Email Mike Leong at Mike@kapiliconstruction.com or Brennan Leong at Brennan@kapiliconstruction.com if you think we can help!

Aloha – Kapili Roofing & Painting